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The Tony Spencer Story (Part 1 of 4) - The Foundations of a Criminal Life

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Episode notes

Listen to the early years of Tony Spencer’s life.

A young man finding his way in the world but  crime plays a part. He meets Jane, they are just teenagers when they marry and she falls pregnant with their first child. But Tony’s criminality sees him sent to Borstal. Over the next few years their family grows but Tony’s is still involved in criminality. He builds an empire of second hand shops and gymnasiums, this is legitimate business and delivers a level of success. But then he needs crime to support the businesses.

Tony turns to the one thing he thinks will bring him the cash injection he needs to keep his businesses afloat; crime. He robs a bank at gunpoint. The consequences of his actions are grave, 10 years imprisonment. Whilst Tony and Jane spin a story that Dad is at ‘college’ to protect their young children, the truth is it’s a strain on the relationship.


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Researched and presented by John & Sally of True Crime Investigators UK.

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