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The Tony Spencer Story (Part 3 of 4) - Shooting in Amsterdam

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Episode notes

By now he is in the Netherlands. He’s been inside for a long time and his trusted workers have either given up on a life of crime or have made their money and scarpered. So he is dealing with those he knows less well and whose ‘work’ ethics are different, harsher, more brutal. There’s a shoot out. Tony takes a bullet to the chest and a drug rival lies dead. He fights for his life.

During  his period of recovery, Tony sets up again in Spain and for a few years he sends drugs from Morocco and the continent into the UK using boats and lorries to convey the products.

But the past has a way of catching up. He’s extradited for the death of the drug rival. What’s the verdict?


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Researched and presented by John & Sally of True Crime Investigators UK.

Produced and edited by the team at Carrotcruncher Media