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POSTSCRIPT: Murder Of Monika Zumsteg Telling - Erika visits the UK

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Episode notes

We released our three part series back in 2021. A major contribution to our review, research and ultimately the podcast was from Monika’s younger sister, Erika. We’ve kept in touch with Erika since that time. So we were delighted when she announced she would be visiting the UK with her husband, Tom.

Another contributor to that podcast series was Steve Thrift. He was a police officer with Thames Valley police back in the 1980’s and met both Monika, who he found charming and delightful and Michael, a very unnerving person. Steve has now written a book about the case, ‘Telling Lies’ and he too collaborated with Erika when researching the book.

One sunny afternoon we met up with Erika, Tom and Steve in rural Buckinghamshire, the area where Monika had lived and where her promising young life had been cut short by the person who should have cherished her the most, Michael.

Come with us to that meeting and the journey we went on, in order that Erika could walk in the footsteps of her beautiful sister, still so sadly missed.


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