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Episode #24 - Films of Hope: Director Paul Greengrass on Directing Tom Hanks in News of the World

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Episode notes

Plus we talk to Gala Gordon and Isabella Macpherson of Platform Presents on the hybrids giving a boost to the performing arts industry and meet the young film-maker celebrating Rachel Carson and Silent Spring in a new film Nevergreen.

We’re watching:

Paul Greengrass’s movie News of the World, starring Tom Hanks, on Netflix from Wednesday

Good Grief, written by Lorien Haynes, starring Sian Clifford and Nikesh Patel, produced by Platform Presents

Online from Monday 15th February till 15th April

Buy tickets at

Eloïse Poulton’s film Nevergreen about Rachel Carson

At The Living Record Festival  (till Monday 22nd February) and watching film

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