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#46 - Echoes of Life in Literature: Deborah Jenkins on 'Winter Lights'

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Join us in a captivating conversation with Deborah Jenkins, the mastermind behind the enchanting short story collection, "Winter Lights." Broadcasting from her home in Sussex, Jenkins unveils her unique journey as an author who has triumphed over personal challenges, including “profound deafness.” Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and passion for writing. Balancing roles as a family member, teacher, and writer, Jenkins shares insights into her early fascination with writing and the influences of authors like Anne Tyler and Elizabeth Strout in her work. Her narratives, rich with everyday life and emotion, are a window into her soul and the diverse world around us.

In this episode, we delve into the heart of Jenkins' "Winter Lights," a collection that elegantly captures the essence of life's fleeting moments. Jenkins describes her affinity for short stories, akin to snapshots, each offering a unique perspective. She discusses the thoughtful organization of her book, the inclusion of a music playlist for each story, and shares insights into specific narratives like "The Key" and "End of the Line." The conversation shifts to Jenkins' future projects, including a novel centered on the theme of societal listening, and we close with my personal reflections on the joy of board games during winter nights. Discover how Jenkins' experiences, both personal and professional, weave into her stories, creating a tapestry of engaging, inclusive literature.

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