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#37 - Untold Horrors of WWII: Heather B. Moore on Java's Overlooked History

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Step into the pages of history that often escape the limelight. Join us as we explore Heather B. Moore's "Under the Java Moon," a compelling narrative that opens the curtains on Java's POW camps during WWII—a place where even whispers had eyes. Starting each chapter with real survivor accounts, this novel reveals how families, torn from their lives, faced unparalleled challenges.

From Heather's transition from fashion merchandising to becoming a versatile author, to the riveting stories of men, women, and children caught in the war's merciless grip, we dig deep. We'll also explore how wartime fear wasn't confined to one part of the globe, drawing parallels between internment camps in Java and America. As a closing note, we shift from the weight of history to the lightness of tradition, introducing you to the charming Icelandic custom of Jolabokaflod, which turns book-giving into a festive affair. Don't miss this episode; it's a tapestry of forgotten history and a glimpse into cherished traditions.


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