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#39 - Racing the Clock and Each Other: The Globe-Trotting Journalists Who Defied an Era

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Episode notes

In a break from our regular programming, we turn the spotlight on an extraordinary race that gripped the world in the late 1880s. Think you know competition? Meet Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, two daring female journalists who embarked on a whirlwind journey inspired by Jules Verne's fictional odyssey. With little time to prepare and the eyes of the media—and an entire nation—watching their every move, these women weren't just challenging the clock; they were challenging societal norms.

But that's not all. The tale takes a twist when Bly detours to meet none other than Jules Verne, adding a layer of meta to this already electrifying story. We also explore how these women's contrasting backgrounds colored their experiences, right down to their interactions with the everyday people and elites they met along the way. Stay tuned until the end for a sneak peek into our next episode featuring Nev March and her globe-trotting mysteries. Don't miss this ride; it's one for the ages.

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