Exploring Washington State

Podcast Prodigies: How Wenatchee High School Students Are Shaping the Future of Audio Storytelling

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Episode notes

Meet Brandon Harle, a teacher at Wenatchee High School.

Brandon created a Podcast Production & Audio Storytelling class. In the first year of the class two students received honorable mentions from NPR and the New York Times for their entries in podcasting contests.

Brandon shares how his podcasting program came to be. As a member of the social studies department, he wanted to make courses more engaging for a diverse student body. Incorporating his passion for genealogy and primary source documents, he developed a project-based learning approach. Inspired by advice from the technical education director, Brandon embarked on a new adventure โ€“ creating a podcasting program.

So, grab your headphones, tune in to this episode of "Exploring Washington State," and dive into the fascinating world of podcasting, where education and creativity intertwine in perfect harmony.

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