The British Broadcasting Century with Paul Kerensa

The BBC’s Listings Ban... and Gareth Gwynn’s Ministry of Happiness

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Episode notes

Welcome to Season 5!

Centenary specials behind us, we deep-dive back into mid-Feb 1923, in our moment-by-moment story of British broadcasting's birth.

On episode 61, we hear from:

And some of the landmark moments we cover include:

  • Feb 13th: Cardiff 5WA launches - hear clips from The Ministry of Happiness, including a sneak-peek of episode 2.
  • Feb 14th: The Pall Mall Gazette stops printing BBC listings, after a feud between press + broadcasters. Our Newspaper Detective will tell you what, why and when.
  • Feb 15th: The listings ban comes in...
  • Feb 16th: As Shakespeare is first broadcast, one of The Pall Mall Gazette's most famous advertisers comes to the rescue.
  • Feb 17th: The first broadcast appeal, for the Winter Distress League.
  • Feb 20th: Sir Oliver Lodge broadcasts... and John Reith battles the press, and gets an idea in the process. The Radio Times idea is born. 

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Next time we'll pick up the tale on February 22nd, for the BBC's first political debate (it doesn't go to plan), and guest Reeta Chakrabarti. Don't miss it.