The British Broadcasting Century with Paul Kerensa

#058 100 Years in 100 Minutes, part 2 (1955-87)

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Episode notes

Part 2 of our mad dash through the British Broadcasting Century, spanning 1955-87 - the competition years.

Part 1 contained more archive; this contains more guests, as we creep nearer the present-day and rights issues become more prevalent. 



1950s: John Reith, Fanny Cradock, Paul Hayes, Justin Webb, Dr Amy Holdsworth, my daughter, Alan Stafford, David Hamilton   1960s: Michael Wakelin, Simon Dunn, Charles Huff, Gareth Jones, Johnny Beerling, Roger Moffat, David Dunhill, Emperor Rosko, Cindy Kent, James Cary, Jeffrey Holland, Reeta Chakrabarti, Alec Reid   1970s: Maurice Blisson, Norman Green, Belinda Campbell, Andrew Barker, Roger Bolton   1980s: Neil Jackson, Bob Richardson  



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In 2023 we'll continue examining the broadcasting century the slow way.

Next time though, to conclude our end of centenary year, join us for part 3 (1988-2022).