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Travel, Acting and Yurts with David Mielke

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Episode notes

David Mielke was born in Campbell River, BC, Canada, where an extraordinary teacher named Marie Rackham helped him turn his life around when he dropped back into high school after running away from home at the age of 15. He went on to work in Los Angeles as an actor and singer, both appearing in film, television, and regional theatre, and creating and performing one-person shows under the banner of his company, The Rainbow Man Productions. His original works include Rediscovering the River and Spirit of the Unicorn. When Marie was diagnosed with cancer, David returned to Canada to care for her, and together they created 114 episodes of the award-winning Cozy Grammar series of video courses as a way for her to be, as she put it, “where cancer isn’t.” After her death, he worked in LGBTQ social services before returning to working as an actor, producing additional content for Cozy Grammar, and creating and performing his own theatrical productions with his husband, Thomas Hitoshi Pruiksma. Their most recent collaboration is a musical called The Driftwood Bridge. Member of Actor’s Equity, SAG-AFTRA, and ACTRA.


Links to mentions in the interview:

New York Times article that promoted our "Mood Altering Foods" video from the Broadway In The Yurt series: (We're the part of the article captioned "Still Living in the Yurt") The Broadway in the Yurt YouTube Playlist:  (Also includes one of the more serious songs from The Driftwood Bridge called Father Slate.  Cozy Grammar YouTube Channel   The Driftwood Bridge website (The full Driftwood Bridge musical will be available for streaming here by the end of July. His husband's Author Website