The Love/Hate Club / Actor Sam Heughan: Reality TV Obsessions, Inappropriate Farts, Loving Glasgow and Old School Dance Records…

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Episode notes

In another meeting of the club filled with big obsessions and petty annoyances, Cassi and Roisin are joined by internationally mega-famous actor, Outlander star, philanthropist, marathon runner, possible next James Bond, and painfully handsome Scottish human, Sam Heughan. Currently locked down at home in Glasgow, he let us in on how he’s been passing the time, got slightly worried about Cassi’s revelation (and one of Roisin’s for that matter). On top of discussing all his loves, (like old school dance records and tomato sauce on eggs) and hates (like Zoom calls!), he gave us a few stories about co-stars, sex scenes, his new TV show based around slagging his best mate and told us all about an unfortunate incident he once had on-stage dressed as Batman… The Love/Hate Podcast is hosted by Cassi Gillespie and Roisin Kelly Produced by Ally McCrae and Ross Semple (BBC Scotland) Senior Producers are Kirsty Drain and Paul McFadyen Exec Producer is Anthony Browne Commissioned by Jonathan Kanagasooriam and Louise Kattenhorn for BBC Sounds