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Season 2: Ep 5

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This episode is part of a Death of Superman Special Crossover with the AND WHY NOT podcast, where Stuart is joined by @allstarsuperpod to discuss the Death of Superman on film and you can here it at: so make sure to check it out!

In 1992 DC Comics did what many thought was impossible. After a wedding plotline was put on hold, a DC summit in 1991 saw Jerry Ordway once again make his joke that maybe they should kill the Man of Steel, only this time nobody laughed...

So began one of the most hyped events in comics history, widespread media soon picked up on news that fans around the world would witness the Death of Superman.

On this show I’m thrilled to be joined by two returning guests from our previous Art of Superman episode, both comic experts and Superfans of the Man of Steel, Stuart Mulrain and Dennis Whittle as we look at one of comics greatest events and its legacy 30 years on.

*As ever there may be some fruity language and opinions expressed by guests are purely their own.

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