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Season 2: Ep 3

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Episode notes

On this episode I’m thrilled to be joined by Tom Stewart, David Robertson, Mike Sedakat and Fernando Pons (Nando), the presenters of one of my favourite comics-based podcasts That Comic Smell.

Since 2016, That Comic Smell, has been delighting listeners with its unique approach to comics chat, letting us peek inside the secret world of 4 comic loving friends as they discuss their favourite comic titles and creators, all ably supported by a cast of biscuits and crisps.

Not only are they comic aficionados, they are also the team behind That Comic Smell the Comic issues 1 and 2.

Settle back for an hour of fun and laughter as we talk all things comics and podcasting, you're in for a treat.

Warning there is a little bit of swearing, so if you're a sensitive soul, brace yourself...

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