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Blood Pressure and Hypertension - September 2020

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Episode notes

This episode of the Penny's Hill Practice Podcast covers the topic of blood pressure and hypertension (high blood pressure).

In this episode, Dr Geoff Hamp and Dr Sam McGinley discuss blood pressure and how to measure it yourself at home, how to lower your blood pressure and the good reasons for doing this, and what machines you should be looking at to have at home. 

Have a look at the British Hypertension Society advice on home blood pressure machines here and the Know Your Numbers Week 2020 website here. Know Your Numbers week runs from 7-13 September 2020 and is run by Blood Pressure UK.

If you have not heard our podcast on low fat diets, have a listen here but not until you've listened to this podcast 

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Stay safe, stay well and look after each other.

Runtime 12 minutes 17 seconds

Released 7 September 2020

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