Talking Derry Girls

Episode 53: It's beginning to look a lot like Bah Humbug.

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Episode notes

Back in their separate homesteads the TDG's are battling to unearth any Christmas spirit. Marie-Louise is still fighting her bug, Jeanie's wee English fella is also sick and her boiler has packed up, meanwhile Pauline's knickers are frozen. Mince pie anyone? 

Luckily they have memories of a very busy week in Derry, with Christmas cheer, gifts and shopping trips aplenty. 

Santa gets in on the act and Pauline suggests Jamie Dornan may just be the thing for every Derry Girls stocking this year - Did you know Santa was from Derry? Cue the sleighbells. 

Ep 16 Talking Derry Girls - with Richard Moore (Children in Crossfire)

Ep 25 Talking Derry Girls - with Jeanette Warke (The Fountain) 

Children in Crossfire:

Hope bracelets as seen on Derry Girls Series 3:

Santa at the Guildhall in Derry:

Storyteller of the Street - Declan Dillon:

John Hume’s peace prizes at the Guildhall:

Ferry Clever:

Pure Derry:

Jamie Dornan:

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