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Team Human With Douglas Rushkoff

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Episode notes

Author, teacher, documentarian and 'Team Human' pioneer, Douglas Rushkoff joins multimedia artist Tim Arnold in a discussion on the impact of technology on humanity, with a special focus on the effects of smartphones and social media on children and teenagers. Recorded live for Super Connected Conversations on 20th March, 2024.

About Douglas Rushkoff
Douglas Rushkoff is a media theorist, writer, and documentarian who focuses on human autonomy in a digital age.

Though created by humans, our technologies, markets and institutions often contain an antihuman agenda. With his book and podcast 'Team Human', Douglas Rushkoff reveals the dynamics of this antihuman machinery and invites us to remake these aspects of society in ways that foster our humanity. Team Human was an inspiration and influence on Tim Arnold's album and feature film drama Super Connected.

For more information on Douglas Rushkoff and his work, visit his official website at  Join Team Human.

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