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The Psychology of Events - S203 (2021)

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Episode notes

The Psychology of Events. Series 2, Episode 3. Please enjoy my Podcast - Events for Breakfast. This is a bite size edition to help you to digest the information easily and expand your knowledge in all thing’s events. Kelly chats to Victoria Matey, who’s business, Matey Events specialise in exploring the strategic issues of business event management, incorporating both behavioural and cognitive aspects. Victoria is super passionate about applying scientific approach to event planning, and strongly believes that all details matter and can make an event succeed or fail. If you want to know how science can help you deliver more engaging and impactful events, then this is an episode for you! Show Notes: Host - Kelly Frew, Story Maker Events Guest – Victoria Matey To find out more about Victoria, visit: To find out more about the Events for Breakfast Podcast visit: