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Greg Tomchick: Cybersecurity for Sports and Entertainment

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Episode notes

Greg Tomchick is a former professional baseball player, book author, and cybersecurity expert.

He played for the St. Louis Cardinals in the Minor League, published "Growing Into You," where he shares some of the lessons he's had in his career, and now devotes his life to cybersecurity.

Greg is the CEO of Valorr – a team of cybersecurity experts that helps sports and entertainment organizations tackle their most challenging cybersecurity risks and capture their greatest competitive advantages.

At Valorr, they deal with cyber threats, privacy and security, workforce shortages, compliance, and other complex implementations.

In this episode, we discover what’s similar and different between professional sports, cybersecurity, and being an author. We discussed the diverse cyber threats sports organizations might be facing and ended up learning best practices, tools, and guidance for sports organizations to start taking action on their cybersecurity.

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