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Doug Holtzman: The Senior Vice President of Sports at Sportsdigita

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Episode notes

Doug Holtzman is a legend in the sports business who has over 20 years of experience in sponsorship sales and has worked for world-class brands in the NBA, the NFL, the MLB, NCAA, and NBAG. He also worked on diverse sports tech and media projects at companies like Learfield, Media Brokers, and the OnTrac Sports app.

Doug has been working at Sportsdigita for about four years, where he was recently promoted to Senior Vice President (SVP) of Sports.

Doug works with professional teams worldwide to help them improve their storytelling through great presentations.

In this episode, we decode Doug's craft & expertise in sales – mastering the skills needed, finding mentors, lessons, insights, and main takeaways from failures and tips for starters. We also discussed 'storytelling as a service' – differentiating between good and bad stories, mental models for brands who want to crush their storytelling, and sources of inspiration. Finally, we learn why Doug works on Sportsdigita, his next steps as the SVP, and how he grows from here.

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