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Episode #89: A College Education in Another Country- Why You May Want to Look into That!

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Episode notes

Hello, Looking Forward listeners! Thanks for tuning in!

On the next two episodes of Looking Forward, we’re going to focus on the growing trend of students going overseas to get a 4-year college education… not only students who live in the United States, but students who live elsewhere, too. 


Here in Part 1, Episode #89, we’ll learn about how many students are going overseas to attend college, where those students come from and are going to, what some of the benefits are in doing that, what impact COVID 19 has had on this, and what the near-term future might look for this trend. We’ll also learn about one company whose sole focus is assisting families in finding the right college for the student in their house.

In Part 2 we’ll discuss a lot more, including what OPPORTUNITIES this trend might offer YOU, our Looking Forward listeners.


 To help us with all this, we’ve brought on another outstanding guest expert. She’s Jenn Viemont.


Jenn Viemont is the founder and president of Beyond the States, a company that helps those living in the U.S. find the right college in Europe for students in their family. Jan obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Before launching Beyond the States, she worked in a variety of areas including school social work, mental health, coaching, and as a parenting coordinator for high-conflict divorce cases.

Jenn loves to travel, and over the years, she’s enjoyed less-tourist-trafficked destinations during her university visits. This helps her get a deeper feel for the cities she visits by eating, shopping, and residing in areas populated by locals. Jenn and her family lived in Portugal for two years and now reside in Chapel Hill, NC. Her son studies International Relations at AAU in Prague and her daughter plans to study Criminology and Psychology in Ireland.

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