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S4, EP 1: "Birdsong" - first part of walking the Gloucestershire Way long distance path in England. Day 1 full of bluebells, views, hills and birdsong

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Episode notes

For series 4 of my podcast about long distance paths and walking in the UK, I tackle the Gloucestershire Way in the Spring/Summer of 2022. A 100 mile walk through the beautiful English countryside. This episode features details of the logistics for the walk, arriving at Chepstow (including a fine cooked breakfast and a castle) then the 13 mile walk to Parkend in the Forest of Dean.  

I'm trying to complete a self contained LDP in each of the 38 counties of England. Gloucestershire is my 7th county. I'm hoping that my podcast series will inspire others in the UK to walk a long distance path (LDP) - there are over 1,500 routes to choose from, check these out via www.ldwa.org.uk for more information

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See video of the walk on my youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL43f8V6nnyQCwZuHN4aCaXdNNp1S93w5r

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Check out www.ldwa.org.uk for details of long distance paths in the UK.

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