Chronically Living and how to make the most of it

Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain with special guest Danielle Potvin

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Episode notes

My guest this week is registered massage therapist, Danielle Potvin, who takes us through the benefits of getting consistent massages (not necessarily frequent) for managing chronic pain and mental health.
In this episode we discuss:

  • the benefits of touch
  • different types of massages
  • how massages help chronic pain
  • how often we should be getting a massage
  • what we can do to help our bodies when we can't go for a massage
  • the importance of authenticity and life balance

Guest Bio:

Danielle Potvin, RMT, has been practicing massage therapy in Toronto for 9 years. She is passionate about many things, but mostly her dog. She can be found at Gesund, 614 Church St.