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Where Should I Start When Integrating Holistic Methods for My Chronic Illness? with Dr. Richard Harris

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Episode notes

Whether you've been listening to this podcast for awhile or it's your first time here, we have an emphasis on integrating Western and Eastern medicines to improve our well-being and quality of life with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. But the question is often, where do I even start when it comes to doing this? My guest this week, Dr. Richard Harris, is here to help answer that question.
In this episode we talk about:

  • benefits of Western medicine and Eastern medicine
  • where to start when it comes to integrating holistic medicine into our lives
  • three things we can do that cost $0 and have 0 negative side effects

Guest Bio
Dr. Richard Harris is a board-certified internal medicine physician and pharmacist. Dr. Harris attended the University of Texas at Austin for pharmacy school then pursued medical education at the McGovern School of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Harris is a lifelong learner and completed his MBA at the University of Houston. Dr. Harris has a client-centric view of focusing on building relationships and trust through a comprehensive lifestyle medicine system. He currently hosts the Strive for Great Health Podcast, has several online wellness courses, and consults for several companies. He is an avid reader, weight lifter, video game enthusiast, and author in his spare time. Dr. Harris also enjoys sports, traveling, philanthropy, church, and keto donuts.
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