Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

Jerry Springer - aka The Godfather of US talk shows

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Episode notes

Jerry joins Genevieve to reminisce about the beginnings of The Jerry Springer Show and how it became one of the most popular, outrageous and controversial talk shows in TV history.     

He explains why criticism of the show is elitist, why he's never watched an episode of the show - and talks about the infamous guest who married a horse...    

Jerry also talks about his political career before her became a talk show host and recounts the time he wrestled a bear on live TV when he was the mayor of Cincinnati! 

Plus he chats about being on the cover of Rolling Stone, learning about his family's tragic past, retiring and reveals his happiest moment in television.     


If you’d like a Jerry Springer Show fix, there’s a whole library of clips on the Jerry Springer TV Youtube channel - and if you’re in the US you can watch reruns every weekday - just go to jerryspringertv.com to find your local TV listings. 


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