Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did

Anastacia - aka Powerhouse voice of positivity

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Episode notes

Anastacia joins Genevieve to reminisce about her rise to fame after her debut smash hit I'm Outta Love.

She talks about her struggles trying to fit in the music industry, being blacklisted on US radio, her refusal to take off her glasses and the media's obsession with her breasts.

But it was that obsession that saved her life, as Anastacia explains how a routine mammogram led to the discovery she had breast cancer - and why she's dedicated her life since to raising awareness after being diagnosed with the disease twice.

She also talks about singing at Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday party, her upcoming European tour - and reveals why she won't correct the world for pronouncing her name wrong for the past 22 years.


Anastacia's I’m Outta Lockdown tour begins on 15 September in Lisbon and will stop all around Europe before UK shows in late October and November. You can see all the dates and info at anastacia.com.


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