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Fear of needles. What helps?

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Episode notes

Whether it's for a vaccine or for medical care, nobody especially likes having needles. But for some children and teens, it can be a big hurdle to overcome. And now, with the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out to more and more Australians, having an injection is something we're all too familiar with. In this episode, we're joined by two special guests - Sonja Elia, an Immunisation Nurse Practitioner and head of the RCH Immunisation Drop-In Centre, and Dr Amanda Stock, a Paediatrician and Emergency Physician from the RCH. Find out what strategies and techniques are available to children and families to manage anxiety about needles, and what help is available from health professionals. Useful links In the show, Sonja talked about the Be Positive video guides, made right here at the RCH. And, Amanda finds the Meg Foundation website really helpful for families. As always, if you found this podcast helpful, please leave a review so that other families can find out about our show. Thanks for listening.