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#4-04 - Gravitational Waves from Black Holes - ft. Dr. Frank Ohme

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Episode notes

Today, Juli talks to Dr. Frank Ohme, a group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics, a member of LIGO which stands for "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory", the  world's largest gravitational wave observatory and a marvel of precision engineering.

Juli and Frank talk about the functioning of gravitational-wave detectors, the information about black holes contained in gravitational-wave signals and new findings about black holes since the first detection of gravitational waves in 2015.

Frank explains how gravitational waves are produced and detected, and how important but challenging it is to understand the noise in the detectors. He also describes the working experiences in the LIGO collaboration and the importance of synergies between different fields of astronomy.

Frank gives perspectives on how to improve the sensitivity of current detectors and the plans for the next generation of instruments. 

The most amazing part of this episode is that you will hear some gravitational-wave signals!

To find out more information about Dr. Frank Ohme, check out these links:


His Group’s Twitter: @BinaryNr

MPI for Gravitational Physics ’s Twitter: @mpi_grav


Episode Art: “Visualisation of gravitational waves emitted during a binary neutron star merger”  By Dr. Wolfgang Kastaun


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