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The Future of Support for Society’s Most Vulnerable Ft. Dr Emma Maynard and Dr Bethany Simmonds.

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Can schools cope under the strain of increased social need? And where are the UK’s health and care systems failing the most vulnerable in society? Dr Bethany Simmonds and Dr Emma Maynard share their insights, perspectives and solutions on two vital areas of social support in the UK.

Amidst funding restructures, privatisation and the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK’s public services are increasingly undergoing change. From care home homes and emergency services to hospitals and schools, the pressures on the people delivering this care is ever-present.

So what does the future hold for social care and the family support services provided by schools? How will this impact the most vulnerable in society? And what can be done to prevent crises in our social services deepening?


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Dr Emma Maynard



Dr Bethany Simmonds



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