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341: Alicia Jones - Unveiling the Secrets of Menopause and Weight Management

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Unveiling the Secrets of Menopause and Weight Management Descript Editing Software Link! I sit down with the incredible Alicia Jones, a renowned personal trainer specializing in women's health over 50. Alicia, the founder of the empowering brand "Over 50 Fit and Fabulous," shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on the profound impact of hormones on women over 50, particularly in relation to menopause and weight management. Alicia unravels the intricate connection between hormonal changes and weight fluctuations experienced by women during menopause. Drawing upon her vast experience and extensive research, she sheds light on the often misunderstood factors that contribute to weight gain or loss during this transitional phase. Throughout the interview, Alicia delves into the misconceptions surrounding weight loss for women over 50 and challenges prevailing beliefs. She provides evidence-based strategies and personalized approaches to achieving sustainable weight management goals.   Towards the end of the episode, Alicia leaves listeners with an eye-opening piece of advice that even I, as a seasoned personal trainer, was not aware of. She introduces a groundbreaking technique that harnesses the power of resistance training specifically for women over 50.  If you're interested in online personal training or being a guest on my podcast, "Over 40 Fitness Hacks," you can reach me at [email protected] or visit my website at: www.Over40FitnessHacks.com Additionally, check out my Yelp reviews for my local business, Evolve Gym in Huntington Beach, at https://bit.ly/3GCKRzV