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339: Alicia Jones - Embracing Health and Vitality: A Journey with Alicia Jones of Over 50 Fit and Fabulous

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Embracing Health and Vitality: A Journey with Alicia Jones of Over 50 Fit and Fabulous

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Alicia Jones - Over 50 Fit and Fabulous


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I had the privilege of sitting down with the remarkable Alicia Jones, a renowned personal trainer specializing in women's health over the age of 50. As the founder of Over 50 Fit and Fabulous, Alicia's passion for empowering women to lead healthy and vibrant lives radiates through her work.

Our conversation delved deep into the realm of women's health, focusing not just on age 50, but on the incredible journey of wellness that extends well into the golden years. Alicia shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise, inspiring listeners to embrace their own health journeys with enthusiasm and confidence.

Throughout the episode, Alicia emphasized the importance of adopting a holistic approach to health, encompassing nutrition, exercise, and self-care. With her years of experience and dedication to her clients, she effortlessly guided us through practical tips and techniques tailored specifically for women over 50.

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of our discussion was Alicia's unwavering belief in the potential for women to thrive well into their 90s. 

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