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Policy in the slow lane - Can we speed up change and drive down emissions?

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The battle to halt climate change is impacting most aspects of our day to day lives – right down to the cars we drive. But there’s a missing piece in motoring that could improve things – the electric vehicle industry.  

Manufacturers are making higher quality EVs than ever before, and more of them. At the same time, more Aussie drivers want their next car to be electric. So why is our country one of the slowest in the world in making the transition? More importantly – how do we get in the fast lane?  

Behyad Jafari is the CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council, a national body that represents the electric vehicle industry in Australia, and he says that missing piece is policy.  

Behyad explains to host Dr Juliet Bourke how Australia fell behind the rest of the world in the first place, how that’s affecting our industry right now, and what we can do to get our policies up to scratch. 

Professor Frederik Anseel, Senior Deputy Dean of UNSW Business School, drops in to explain what the EV industry can learn from the growth of solar, and what influences business leaders and their teams on a day-to-day basis.  


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