Trump lost! What now?

31. Will impeachment delay play into Trump’s hands?

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Episode notes

“We suddenly found the city surrounded by 25,000 National Guardsmen, razor wire, military checkpoints everyone barking orders at us. And I texted Emma to say: welcome to Washington, you must have arrived!”

There’s a new president in the White House and a new member of our podcast team as the esteemed Emma Murphy aptly takes up the new role of US Correspondent following years of reporting on the frontlines of global conflicts.

Daniel Hewitt, Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz welcome her to the fold as the team dissect the impeachment delay which could play into Donald Trump’s favour and assess Joe Biden’s first week in the Oval Office as he unpicks his predecessor's agenda.

Emma shares insight on a notable early change for transgender people from the Biden pen before Robert and Laura offer the Washington newcomer contrasting guides of where to eat, drink and meditate in the US power capitol.