Will Trump Win? / Episode 7: Wildfires, fake news and watermelon GIFs (with Trump adviser Mica Mosbacher and Jevin West)

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Episode notes

"It's not just Facebook any more. It comes now in your text messages, it comes in old fashioned email..."

Tracking fake news across this election is a daily endeavour for Jevin West, co-author of Calling Bullsh*t, who is waging a war on misinformation online.

He outlines to Daniel Hewitt the new threats in this election and why American voters have no idea that the local news they're reading each day is far from authentic.

Meanwhile Robert Moore and Laura Schwartz discuss the impact of the wildfires on the campaigns and Mica Mosbacher, adviser to the Trump 2020 campaign, argues why voters will be focused on the economy and law and order issues, with some telling signs from her home in Austin, Texas.

The group inevitably look ahead to the forthcoming presidential debates - a lot more of that to come in Episode 8 - before our man of the jingle, digital detective Fred Dimbleby, wows the crowd with the unexpected influence of GIFs on the 2020 race for the White House.