Will Trump Win? / Episode 6: Will we regret not trusting the polls? (with Harvard's Michael Sandel)

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Episode notes

"Speak to them directly, pay less attention to the looming man for all his bluster, standing across the stage."

Harvard professor Michael Sandel's TED Talk "the lost art of democratic debate" has been watched by many millions, so who better to offer his advice to Joe Biden as his three-pronged debate showdown with Donald Trump looms.

The author of The Tyranny of Merit talks to Daniel Hewitt about the future of America as they draw parallels between how US and UK voters have abandoned long-held voter allegiances - and what it means for this election.

Meanwhile, Robert Moore reports back from shocking scenes as armed militia take control in Louisville - and meets the gun-toting grandmother fighting back - while Laura Schwartz shares what she learned travelling across the key state of Wisconsin, plus the secrets of her mother's famous "Hobo Dinner".

And, if that wasn't enough, Daniel reveals how he felt watching the final episode of The West Wing and the ally he's now gained over his 'endings phobia'.

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