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The Football 7-Dayer Podcast EP10: England's Best B Team

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Episode notes

The Boar Sport's Football 7-Dayer Podcast is back with a slightly different topic this week, as we debate the best England B-team, from the Three Lions' first ever game in 1872 through to the present day. The criteria are simple - if you have only five caps or less for England, you are eligible. Does Aaron Ramsdale deserve a place? Why is Martin 'Big Dobbo' Dobson anchoring the midfield? Why is Fred 'Boomer' Pickering keeping Chris Sutton out of the team? It was heated and controversial, but have we got our team right? Is there anyone that we've missed out?

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With thanks to: Toby Farmer, Jack McRae, Mitchell Ryan, and Sam Matthews Boehmer.