A Winning Mindset

12: Manuela Schär on Performance Management

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Episode notes

Para athletics star Manuela Schär speaks about how to manage performance and stay at the pinnacle of sport. 

In the latest episode of A Winning Mindset: Lessons From The Paralympics, Schär provides an insight into how she manages her training, lifestyle and mindset in order to continue her domination of the marathon scene. 

"I think as an athlete, it's really important how you deal with disappointment also, because it's gonna be a part of your life – no matter what," says the Swiss wheelchair racer.

"You can turn bad experiences or not reaching a goal into something really good, or it can go in a really bad way. I think I somehow turned it into something good and took it as a teacher or a motivation to grow. You learn from every mistake."

The Paralympic Games medallist also opened up on how she recovered from a playground accident as a child that left her paralysed to become a multiple marathon champion.  

"It was definitely the most difficult time of my life" she recalls. "Of course it not only changed my life but also my whole family’s life. I missed my friends, and that's just the one side. 

"The other side of course is just that your body changes and you have to learn what happened to your body. What will be and how you have to take care of it and get back into a normal life and that took many years."

Schär also reflects on the importance of her coach and training partners in order to maintain her high levels of performance, while sharing a scoring system that keeps her at the top of her game.  

Learning topics for this episode include performance management, determination, maintaining focus, dedication and the importance of a support network. 

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