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God & Goals Part 1: Dream Big

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In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Three reasons why it's important for Christians to dream BIG
  • Biblical examples of people who dared to dream
  • Eight words to remember when the going gets tough
  • The Audience Attraction Formula, designed to help you turn your dreams into reality and make a difference in the world (link below!) 

3 Reasons to Dream Big

As followers of Christ, we are called to dream big, to dare to pursue our passions and use our gifts to glorify God. Our dreams can become a reality, but it will take a combination of faith and obedience. 

So here are three reasons why it’s important to dream big.

1. To follow Jesus' example. 

Throughout Scripture, Jesus frequently encourages us to dream big and step out in faith. In Luke 1:37, He reminds us that nothing is impossible with God. And the same sentiment is echoed throughout the Gospels, as Jesus calls his disciples to trust in Him, to step out of their comfort zone, and to pursue something greater. By following Jesus' example, we can have courage to pursue our dreams and face the challenges that come along with them. 

2. To live out our calling. 

We all have unique gifts and talents that God has given us for a purpose — to glorify Him through the work of our hands. If we’re not striving towards fulfilling our calling, then we're not living up to the full potential that God has created within us. By dreaming big, we can take steps towards achieving our goals while honoring God along the way. 

3. To spread joy and love. 

One of the greatest blessings of dreaming big is that it allows us to share God's joy and love with others, whose dreams then become a reality. Instead of holding back because fear or doubt gets in the way, boldly press onward, knowing that when you do so in faith, nothing will be impossible for you. Dreams come true when they bring glory to God above all else. 

Dream Big: Your Role as a Christian

It’s time to think about dreaming big as actually being a part of your role as a Christian. Let it be ingrained in how you think about yourself and what you do on a daily basis. Because when we dream big, we are acting like our Father and following in His footsteps. We are following Jesus' example. 

And when we dream big, we have the opportunity to live out our calling, spread joy and love around us, and to actually see what we're capable of doing. 

Consider the following biblical examples of people who were willing to step outside of the box. No matter how unlikely or impossible their circumstances seemed, these individuals found the courage and the strength to push forward. Let the stories of these three people who dared to dream inspire you to achieve remarkable success. 

  1. Joseph: Joseph had a powerful dream that one day he would rise above his brothers and become a leader in his own right. Despite his brothers’ envy and hatred toward him, Joseph persevered, determined to make that dream a reality. And sure enough, through a series of incredible events, Joseph became second in command over all of Egypt. 
  2. Esther: Esther was an orphaned Jewish girl living in exile when the dream was presented to her to become the Queen of Persia. Through the providence of God and her own bravery, Esther was able to achieve that dream. Not only did she become queen, but she also saved her people from sudden death through her actions. 
  3. David: David was just a shepherd boy when God gave him a big, hairy, audacious goal: to defeat Goliath. No one else was brave enough to face down this giant warrior, so David stepped up. And with faith in God leading him forward, he was able to defeat Goliath and gain fame throughout all of Israel as a great warrior king. 

We too can go forth with boldness if we trust God's will for our lives. The Bible is full of stories that show us what's possible when we dare to dream big, so let these stories inspire you to write your own story — one where you reach for your wildest dreams with courage and faith. 

And when you're in that space where the going gets tough, remember these eight words: you can achieve anything that God has promised you. If He's promised you something, He's going to come through. You just have to continue to dream big and trust Him to make the way. 

The Audience Attraction Formula

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