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Revive Your Book Sales Part 8: The Power of Promoting with Interviews

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In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • A real-world example of the difference interviews can make for your book sales
  • The key to effectively promoting with interviews
  • Why your “sales problem” may actually be a connection problem — and what to do about it
  • What it really means to build authority as an expert
  • How to establish trust with your audience
  • Tips for a successful interview

The Power of Interviews: Tracy’s Story

Tracy had a dream to publish her own book. She poured her heart and soul into the pages, but she wasn't sure how to get it out in front of more readers. Finally, however, after weeks of research and networking, Tracy was able to land an interview on a popular podcast that catered to her niche. 

During the interview, Tracy talked about why she wrote her book and shared valuable insights with the listeners. She explained how each chapter was inspired by a personal experience and revealed some key plot points without giving away too much of the story. 

At the end of the interview, Tracy also took time to explain where people could find out more information about her and her book and purchase it if they wanted to read it for themselves. She was thrilled when she saw that sales had picked up and that her audience had grown on all of her social media platforms — all from one interview! 

Though she’d never considered it before, Tracy quickly realized how effective promoting with interviews can be for getting her story in front of new readers. From then on, she made sure to take advantage of every opportunity for an interview so more people could discover what her book was all about. 

So what can you take away from Tracy’s story? First, if you are a Christian author who wants to reach a specific audience, but you're struggling to sell your book, you are not alone. And second, there is a solution that you may not have considered: promoting with interviews. 

So let’s use Tracy’s experience as a guide to explore how interviews can help you sell more books. That way you can do what Tracy did and get your book in front of more readers. 

The Key to Effectively Promoting with Interviews 

Interviews are powerful marketing tools. Whether they’re podcasts, blog features, or radio shows, promoting with interviews allows you to share your story and connect with potential readers on a personal level. 

Tracy's experience is a prime example of this. After her interview, sales of her book increased significantly. That's because readers felt more connected to Tracy and her story, making them more likely to purchase her book. 

You see, as humans, we typically make decisions based on emotion, not just facts. So when you have an interview, it allows you to make that emotional connection with your reader and get them to a place where they really connect with you. That's what it's all about — connecting with your audience on a deeper level. 

Consider this: you may not have a sales problem at all. Rather, you have a connection problem.

But by sharing your story, experiences, and insights with your listeners, you're giving them a glimpse into who you are as an author and the mission God has called you to. This creates a stronger bond between you and your audience, and makes them more likely to want to read your book. 

Plus, by promoting with interviews, you have the potential to reach a much wider audience than you would through other marketing strategies. For example, if you have an interview on a popular podcast, you could potentially reach thousands of new readers from one appearance. 

Just think about that. Dedicating 30-45 minutes of your time could put you in front of thousands of people! There aren’t a lot of places where you can accomplish that. If you go to a book fair, for example, or a bookstore book signing with a really good showing, you might be in front of hundreds of people. But there’s a huge difference between hundreds and thousands of people. 

Plus, this kind of interview is evergreen. That means every time someone discovers the podcast, there’s potential for them to discover you. It’s not just a one-time event like a book signing. 

The True Meaning of Authority & Expertise

When you're interviewed as an expert in your niche, it can also help build your authority and credibility with your audience. But let’s talk about that word authority for a minute, because as believers, we can get into a space where we have a negative association with that kind of word. 

But the kind of authority we’re talking about here isn’t about putting other people down and putting yourself on a pedestal. It simply means that this is an area God has called you to, and you have something powerful to say about it. 

Having authority means that what you bring to the table is going to make a difference in someone’s life. That the words you put out there, whether in writing or spoken during the interview, have the potential to set people free. And that is something that is God-given. 

So don’t run from words like credibility, authority, expert, or dominate. Embrace them! We are called to domination — it’s a good thing! Yes, we should always operate in humility, understanding that every gift we have comes from God. But you have been called to this field — so step into it with confidence. 

You need to be willing to take a stand, even if it's a controversial stand in your space, because there are people who need to hear your point of view. And if your listeners perceive you as an expert in this field, they'll be more likely to trust your advice, recommendations, and insights. 

Now, when some people hear the word expert, they take it to mean you are saying there is only one expert, and everyone else’s opinion is invalidated. That you have it all figured out, and that you have the one and only formula for success. 

That’s not the kind of expert we’re talking about. Instead, think of it this way: you have been called to a specific group of people. Those people have been assigned to you by God, and He has given you the ideas and insights those people need. That means you are uniquely equipped to serve them in a capacity that other people can’t. It’s not that other ways are inferior; it’s simply that what those people need is a perfect match for the gifts and talents God has poured into you. 

A Relationship Built on Trust

As you can see, being an expert doesn't mean you think you're better than everyone else in your field. It doesn't mean you're the only one that has figured it all out. It simply means you have something valuable for the group of people that you have been called to. 

So step into your expert status in humility, and leverage it to get yourself in front of more people. This is invaluable when it comes to selling your book, your course, or your coaching programs. 

And it all comes down to trust. Remember that emotional connection we're trying to make? The reason that connection matters is because you genuinely have something that will be a blessing to people. 

Promoting with interviews is not about manipulating people into doing something that's in your own best interest and not theirs. No, this is about building a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your audience. 

Relationships are built on trust. If trust is not there, then you're going to have a very surface-level relationship. And in surface-level relationships, we don't invest ourselves, our time, or our money. 

When you ask someone to buy your book, you don't want them just to buy it — you want them to actually read it and take in your message. For that to happen, you’ve got to have a relationship with them that moves beyond the surface level and establishes trust. That way, they’ll be willing to invest time to read, as well as money to buy the book. Trust is critical, and interviews give you the opportunity to build that trust. 

Plus, interviews also give you the opportunity to promote your book directly to the audience. Here on Publishing Secrets, for example, we dedicate part of the interview for the guests to talk about where people can find their book, website, and social media handles, and we also link those in the show notes. 

This part of an interview is your free pass to share with the audience details about who you are, what your book is about, why you wrote it, and how people can purchase it. It’s a powerful way to increase sales — and not only when the interview airs, but forever. As long as that platform is out there, people have the potential to discover you and make a decision to invest. 

How to Interview Effectively

By promoting with interviews, you can connect with your audience, share your message with a wider group, build God-given authority in your niche, and promote your book directly to your audience. So if you're struggling to sell your book, consider adding interviews to your marketing strategy. 

With a little bit of effort, you CAN see a significant increase in your book sales, just like Tracy did. So let’s break down exactly how you can leverage interviews to do that. 

1. Prepare for Your Interview.

It’s not enough just to get an interview — you have to be prepared for it if it’s going to work for you. Don’t try to wing this. If you do, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

No professional sports team goes into a game without a game plan, right? In the same way, if you want to win with this interview, you need to go into it with a plan. That means start with the basics, so you can communicate your message clearly and concisely.

Remember, this is not just about your personal story. It’s about the message you want people to take away, and how their lives will be positively impacted by your book. So before you even get an interview, be thinking about the key points you want to include and how each of them relates to your experience and expertise on the topic. 

Also consider what your audience wants to hear and how you can connect with them. Remember, emotional connection — being relatable and relevant — enhances rapport and makes the listener want more. So familiarize yourself with the host and audience demographic so you can tailor your message to them. 

When you’re job hunting, you don’t just say the same thing in every interview, do you? No, you customize your resume and what you say during the interview according to the company and the job you’re applying for. Much of the information will stay the same, but you’ll likely tweak the way you present it so that it speaks to the job description and the company’s values. 

Think about these interviews in the same way. It's not just about getting the opportunity to do the interview, it's about maximizing your chance of getting “hired.” Because if you do a really good job, this may not be just a one-time thing — the host may invite you back in the future. And, of course, you want the audience to “hire” you and become part of your own audience. 

That’s why it’s so important to prepare ahead of time. Interviews aren’t just for telling your story, but also for generating trust in your message and connecting with the audience while making them want to read your book.

2. Use the Interview to Tell Your Story and Inspire Your Readers.

For an effective interview, these two things must work hand-in hand. Telling your story without inspiring or impacting your readers is a waste of time, because interviews are not just an opportunity to share your story. They are an opportunity to connect with the audience and leave a lasting impression. 

You don't want people to walk away from the interview thinking that it was a horrible experience, that your concept was difficult to grasp, or even just that your accomplishments are impressive. You’ve got to answer the question of, “What’s in it for me?” What does the person listening to the interview get out of it other than a moment of inspiration or excitement? What can they take away from this interview that will improve their life? 

As a Christian author, your faith is not just part of your story. It's your power source! So in your interview, communicate how your faith has sustained you during your writing journey, how it's empowered you to make sense of your experiences, and how it amplifies the message you are putting out there. 

Leverage the interview as a platform to communicate the essence of your authenticity, inspire your readers, deepen the connection with them, and touch their hearts with your message. Remember, people don't just read books — they connect with authors. So make your interview an expressive and meaningful bridge that takes people into a journey in your world. 

3. Give Your Audience a Reason to Read Your Book.

To create buzz about your book and entice readers, you need to provide a strong, persuasive reason for them to read it. When you're being interviewed, make the most of that time by:

  • Captivating the audience with a compelling narrative about your book
  • Shedding light on the book’s theme
  • Elaborating on how the book adds value to readers’ lives
  • Sharing relevant personal experiences that inspired your writing to add depth to the meaning of your book

In short, make your interview count by offering the audience a glimpse of what they can expect from your book and why they shouldn't miss it. When you provide your audience with an immersive experience that resonates with them, they will be sure to pick up your book.

4. Use the Interview to Promote Your Book

When it comes to promoting your book, an interview can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. Not only does it give you the opportunity to discuss your work in detail, but it also allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way. 

However, it’s important not to overlook the promotional aspect of your interview. Often, authors get uncomfortable when the interview arrives at the promotional segment, because they don’t like getting “salesy.” 

But remember this: sales equals impact. So the better job you do at communicating in that promotional part of the interview, the bigger the potential impact you can make. 

Don’t worry, promoting with interviews isn’t about manipulating people or being a sleazy salesperson. It’s simply making a value exchange. You're asking people to exchange money for the value that you are providing to their life. 

So be prepared for that promotional aspect of the interview, so you can tell people with confidence where to go to find more information about your book. Create a compelling call to action for them to purchase your book by briefly explaining who will benefit from the book, what’s included in it, and how their lives will improve as a result of buying and reading the book. Then you can turn the interview into a sales generator. 

Now, this may seem obvious — of course you need to promote your book! — but so many authors get so caught up in the conversation and in sharing their story that they don't actually promote their book, course, or program. 

So, going back to the first point about being prepared, you've got to stay focused on the end goal. The end goal is not just to have a great conversation. The end goal is to create more buzz for your book and increase sales. So don't miss this golden opportunity to spread the word about your work by promoting with interviews. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Interviews

The truth is, “Tracy” is a made-up name. But Tracy’s story is real, and it stands as a reminder to us all about the power of promoting with interviews to increase book sales. With preparation and practice, interviews can be incredibly effective marketing tools. So be sure to take advantage of them so you can get your book in front of more people and share your story with the world. Your story is valuable, and it deserves to be heard!

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