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8 Things Every Christian Author Should Do: Part 4

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Episode notes

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • How Michael S. Hyatt achieved the “double win” of success at work AND happiness at home
  • The key contributors that took his blog from 1,000 to 22,000 followers after four years of seemingly little progress
  • How to keep from giving up too soon
  • Why nurturing your audience is key – and practical ways to do exactly that
  • Additional FREE training on the four stages you must guide your audience through before they make a purchase (link below!) 



My name is Tamara "Coach Tam" Jackson and I am a published author, Facebook© Certified Digital Marketer, host of the Top 100 Publishing Secrets podcast, and founder of The Christian Authors Network (C.A.N.) Facebook© community. I specialize in helping mission-driven authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs increase their exposure, impact, and income through strategic self-publishing and digital media appearances. Just say yes and we will work together to attract a tribe of loyal followers that 1) "get you", 2) love what you do, and 3) are happy to invest in your book, business, cause, or movement. Plus, we will accomplish all of this without fake, salesy, sleazy, or manipulative tactics. Yes you CAN write, publish, and profit in a way that honors God; join the community today at  



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