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Do It Now Finale: Yes, You CAN!

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In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • 4 Reasons to embrace the “I can” mindset
  • The power of sharing your story in a compelling way
  • Why your story matters — and why you shouldn’t let fear stop you from putting it out there

Too often, fear holds aspiring authors back from sharing their stories. Too many people tell themselves, “I can’t do this!” when the writing and publishing journey gets difficult. But your story is too important for you not to share it. And here’s the thing: no matter why you think you can’t succeed as an author, with God on your side, yes, you CAN! But you have to start if you’re ever going to finish.

So here are four reasons why it's important for you to embrace the “I CAN!” mindset and share your story. 

Your Story Has the Power to Change Lives

As a believer, this is huge. The words we write may literally serve as a beacon of hope, a source of healing, and an inspiration to those who are in need. Part of our Christian responsibility is to be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have, and writing a book is a powerful way to work towards this goal. 

Think about the impact you could have on someone's life — and not just one someone, but literally hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people! Your words could be the light that guides someone out of darkness, the strength that lifts them up, and the hope that empowers them to keep going. Yes, YOU can have that impact on other people! Your words are powerful.

Stories Allow Us to Relate to One Another on an Emotional Level

The impact stories have on our lives goes beyond facts and figures. A good story draws readers in until they feel as though they are living it themselves, as if they are a part of the narrative unfolding before them. 

When you write a book and do a really great job of making an emotional connection, it's not uncommon for the reader to think, “Wow, how did she know? It's like she has walked the same path that I have!” (And yes, you can inspire this kind of response in readers!)

Stories allow us to connect in ways that other mediums just can't touch. It's no wonder Jesus often used parables or stories when teaching His disciples about spiritual truths. Stories help bring abstract concepts into focus so we can better understand them and apply them to our own lives. Sharing your story through a book allows you to effectively convey truth in an engaging way that resonates with readers from all backgrounds.

Your Book Is a Gift to Others

Writing a book isn't just about putting pen to paper, or typing away at a computer, or even reaching a personal goal. It's about expressing yourself, writing down your thoughts and feelings on a particular subject or experience. And who knows — you may be able to capture something in that process that is really special. 

Whether it's through the “click-clack" of a keyboard, or by writing in a notebook, writing is a way of capturing a piece of your soul and sharing it with the world. It's a gift you give to others, allowing them to literally peek into your heart and mind. And it's a gift they will treasure forever. 

Writing is a Transcendent Act

Yes, you can create something bigger than yourself by writing a book. A book is a piece of art that defies time and transcends space. It's a tangible medium that enables your thoughts and ideas to live on long after you're gone. 

Writing books can inspire future generations, allow them to learn from your experiences, and evoke emotions that transcend decades. Your written words can resonate with people from different cultures, connect them through shared human experiences, and offer them a profound piece of wisdom that they will cherish for a lifetime. You — yes, YOU! — can literally make the world a better place and leave a lasting impact through a book. 

Yes, You Can!

Don't let fear keep you from unleashing your story as an author, because the story within you is eagerly waiting for you to tell it. That story could change someone's life for the better, if only it’s given the light of day. 

So put aside your doubts about sharing your work with others. Remember that God gave you these special gifts for a reason. Take action today by writing down some ideas for your book. You never know where this might lead! Even if you think you can’t possibly write it all down and get it into a finished, published book — yes, you CAN!

Now is the time. Seize the opportunity today. unleash your potential — write, and publish, now.



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