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Introducing the God & Goals Series!

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Episode notes

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • A challenge to make 2023 your biggest, boldest year yet
  • What you can expect to learn in the God and Goals series
  • A reminder that you CAN do the impossible with God’s help!

It’s Time!

2023 is the year to think big, to think bold, and to think outside of the box. It’s a time to push boundaries, take risks, and remove the limits. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Then get ready to step up and go farther than you ever have before — and to think bigger than even you think you can. 

This is your chance to partner with God and create a future that is brighter and more exciting than you ever imagined before. This is your pivot, your moment in history where you have an opportunity for real change and tangible progress. 

And the best part is you don't have to do it alone! You're invited to take your goals to the next level with God's help, right here in the God and Goals series. 

Just imagine enjoying the thrill of accomplishment as you achieve what once seemed impossible. In this new series, you’ll get the roadmap to 2023 and beyond. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Two ingredients that are absolutely, positively required to achieve good success
  • The #1 secret to staying on track to reach your goals
  • Eight words that will instantly shift your perspective when the going gets tough
  • Why it's okay not to have all the answers — and how to find them. 

Friend, God puts desires in your heart for a reason. He wants you to reach them! So join us next week for the beginning of God and Goals. 

And until then, remember: With man it's impossible, but with God all things are possible!



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