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Book Sales Success Secret #4: Add Value & Build Credit

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In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • What deposits and withdrawals have to do with marketing, sales, and even personal relationships
  • What it means to have a credit in your audience’s account
  • How to add value so people can’t help but buy from you
  • Examples from Coach Tam’s own experience of what does – and doesn’t – work to convince people to buy

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Chances are you’re reading this because you’re looking for ways to sell more books. If so, here’s some good news: there is a simple way to do just that, without having to resort to salesy, sleazy gimmicks or tactics. 

The key is embracing a foundational principle that is both spiritual and practical. And when you lead with this strategy, you position yourself as an authority in your field – meaning people are more likely to trust you and to buy from you. 

Ready to add value and boost your book sales? Here’s your next step!

Make More Deposits than Withdrawals

The simple strategy that gets people wanting to buy from you is to add value, and you do that by making more deposits than withdrawals. Now, if you’re thinking that means this strategy is about money, you’re partly right – but it doesn’t have to do with money in quite the way you might be thinking. 

But before we get into the specifics of what that means, let’s start by talking about this in terms we can all relate to. We all have a bank account, right? And with that bank account, we can either deposit money in, or we can withdraw. So, for example, if I put $1,000 into my bank account, I can withdraw up to $1,000. 

Very simple. Very straightforward. 

But what if I were to deposit $1,000 and then try to withdraw $1,500? Not so easy, right? And the same goes if I don’t make any deposits at all and still try to take money out – it just doesn’t work, because the math doesn’t add up. 

Now, we know and understand this thinking very clearly when it comes to our money in our bank accounts, but what about our relationships? What if we apply that same principle of making a deposit before we make a withdrawal when it comes to our relationships? How different do you think the world would be? 

Let’s be real: we're all guilty of it. We get focused on what we want, and it can overshadow the deposit part of the equation. And it can even be coming from a good place – a place of wanting to spread God's message and serve more people – but the fact remains, if you don't first take care of others, then they can't take care of you. 

We’re taught this throughout the Bible. In Jesus’s ministry, He consistently poured Himself into those around Him, and then those people poured into others. If He had gone in demanding for people to see Him for who He really was and to acknowledge him as the Savior, it probably would not have gone so well. That's just not the image that we see of Christ in Scripture. Now, it was clear that He knew who He was and what his assignment was. But He always showed up in a giving capacity first. 

When You Add Value First, People Want To Buy

Now let’s apply that same principle to books and business. Really take time to think about this: are you asking to make a withdrawal before you have made a deposit? In other words, are you asking people to buy something from you by throwing out your link or posting about an upcoming event, and are you thinking that will be enough to get the outcome you want, just because you put your ask out there? Have you forgotten to add value first, before expecting a sale?

It’s time to take a step back. Why should that, in isolation as your sole strategy, work? Why would anyone want to buy from you if they haven’t been given a good reason to do so? Just like in our earlier examples, that math simply doesn’t work. 

And the truth is, if the roles were reversed, you wouldn’t buy from that type of person either, would you? Why not? Because you’d be asking, “What has that person done for me? How has that person added value to my life?” And if you’re struggling to come up with what that is, then you’re probably going to pass on buying from that person. 

If we want people to buy our books or use our businesses, then we have to add value to their lives. We need to show potential customers that we are worth their time and money first, before they will make a purchase. 

And one of the best ways to do this is providing valuable content that they can use, whether it's a helpful blog post, an informative video, or detailed product descriptions that really speak to them. Potential customers need to see that you are an expert in your field, and that you're offering something that is worth their hard-earned cash. Then, and only then, will they be interested in doing business with you. 

Make Sure There’s a Credit in Your Account

This principle is foundational to success, and I can personally attest to that. I was the person that was throwing my link out there, posting this and that, and wondering why people were not responding to what I was putting out there. I didn't connect the dots that I needed to add value first and give customers a reason to buy from me. But once I began to embrace the concept of making deposits first, things began to turn around. 

When you think about it, this ties perfectly into the principle of strategic messenger multiplication from Books Sales Secret #3. People are willing to refer people to you, to talk about how amazing you are, when you are putting more deposits in their life than you are withdrawals. 

The key is always having a credit in your account when it comes to your audience. That means you have to be proactive. It has to be on your mind constantly, always looking for ways to show up and add value that tips the scales. 

The goal is to give out so much value that your audience thinks, “Wow, this person is showing up for me! They’re helping me solve my problems. It’s a no-brainer to buy from them!” 

You want it to be a no-brainer, where you’ve given them so many reasons to want to buy from you that they just can’t help but say yes. There should be no second-guessing on their part, no wondering if your book, product, or program is going to help them. That should be obvious because of how you have already shown up for them. 

Free Training: Then vs. Now

Now, if this principle makes sense to you, but you’re not 100% sure how to make it happen, don’t worry! I’ve put together a case study to show you exactly what my content used to look like back in the day and what it looks like now. I believe in leading with transparency, and I also believe that one of the reasons God allowed me to take that journey is so I can pay it forward now and help you. 

So I’m going to throw myself under the bus, so to speak. You’ll be able to see what my content used to look like versus what it looks like now, and I’ll break down all the mistakes I made. Then I’ll share what you need to be doing instead to draw people in and convert them into actual raving fans. 

And the good news is that it's all accessible for FREE in the Christian Authors Network Facebook group. (Access the training by clicking HERE!) When you watch that training, be sure to drop your questions and your comments below the video, so I can jump in and help you in your journey. Not only will this be a fun exercise in marketing, but it's also an opportunity for me to lead by example and demonstrate what I mean by “add value first.” 

But please don’t just watch and comment. Take the time to do an audit of yourself: have you been expecting others to give more than you have given to the relationship? And not just in reference to your book or your business, either – this also applies to your personal life. 

Once you really start to embrace this principle, you'll see that not only do your book sales increase, but your overall perspective about your business, how people respond to you, and the results that you're able to achieve will blow your mind. 

So go take advantage of that free training, put it into practice, and then come back next week for Book Sales Success Secret #5!



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