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Jamal Harrington, Co-Host
Marianne Reilly, Co-Host
Cousin Todd Sellers, Co-Host, Tech Guy

Topic Outlines

Remembering Leslie Jordan.

Passed away in a car accident at age 67.

  • Notable works include appearances on:
  • Will & Grace
  • Celebrity Big Brother U.K
  • Call Me Kat
  • Hearts Afire
  • Jordan said that before he gave up drinking, he once shared a cell with Robert Downey Jr., and when they both appeared later on Ally McBeal, Downey couldn't quite place where they had met before.

Halloween Plans

  • Discuss Halloween plans.

Crazy Halloween Crimes.

Tales of mischief, crime and woe for Halloween.

Scary Movies We Watched In October Leading Up To Halloween.

  • We discuss scary movies we’ve viewed this month.
  • Top 5 Scariest Horror Movie Icon.
  • We discuss who should be the top dog in the horror movie world.
  • Funny Halloween Stories
  • Jamal reads some funny Halloween stories shared online.

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