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110. Herbalism & Ancestral Wisdom is Baked into Your Bones: Awaken your Inner Healer & Ancestral Plant Memory with Meghan Rhodes

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Episode notes

Meghan Rhodes is a qualified herbalist who helps women start living herbalism, making healthier, safer solutions for themselves and their families a reality.

Meghan’s herbalism practice is rooted in the belief that we must remember, reclaim and relearn our knowledge of our bodies, our autonomy and how to work with plant medicine to bring the power of our health and wellbeing back into our own hands.

In this conversation, you’ll find:

➳  Practical & tangible tips, suggestions and practices to start working with herbs

➳  Herbal allies to invite into your kitchen & home

➳  How to learn about a plant's medicinal properties through YOUR OWN sense of taste (before you open a book!)

Our ancestral memory of plants is physiologic

➳  The evolutionary relationship between humans and plants (and the wider eco-systems we are a part of)

➳  Addressing our cultural fear Sensation in the body (particularly discomfort & pain) as we reclaim sovereign health & wellness

And so much more!


The Flowering Wand by Sophie Strand

Becky Cole episode: Slow Living & Seasonal Earth Connection on a Regenerative Farm

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