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#045 How do you make learning about finance fun and easy, especially for kids and beginners? We have someone very special to break it down for you…

 Meet Rishi Vamdatt, the 12-year-old personal finance educator and visionary behind Easy Peasy Finance, a kid-friendly resource that can be utilized by parents and educators alike to teach young minds about personal finance while keeping them engaged. Having started learning about finance at the age of 6, Rishi is now using financial strategies that some adults don’t even use or know about.

 In this episode, Rishi talks about his journey of learning about finance, his favorite money and finance books for kids, and how he’s applying his knowledge about investing for retirement. He also highlights the benefits of listening to the Easy Peasy Finance Podcast with your kids, the biggest challenges he has encountered along his financial education journey, and the results you can expect from investing your money for retirement. Then, Rishi shares a few simple action steps you can take to get your child or teenager involved in learning about money and finances.

 “Now, after these almost four years of Easy Peasy Finance, I’ve kind of learned a lot of things along the way and it’s a lot easier now than it was at the beginning.”           - Rishi Vamdatt

 Rishi is 12 and he’s already planning for retirement?! Don’t let that intimidate you, though. Let that be inspiration and fuel for you to empower your kids to start making financial decisions early in life! It’s possible and it’s easier than you think.

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