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#053 – Blast this bloody pen!

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Episode notes

Hello lovely Blind Guys Chatters! We begin this show with some very sad news. It appears that our subjects don’t love us as much as we thought, and as a result, did not see fit to adorn us with lavish jewels and votes for listener’s choice podcast of the year. Sjef and Larry are beside themselves with disappointment. We will just have to regroup and do better next time.   Jan, yet again has been on more travels, this time to Warsaw for work. Of course, Stuart has been to Warsaw to drink the place dry and eat the town out of crisps (potato chips).   Our guest on this show is Aaron Spelker from Boston. Aaron only recently lost his sight and as someone who likes to play electronic games, he wonders why there was very little information out there about accessible games for blind and vision impaired people. So, he decided to set up a Facebook group which shares information on accessible games for IOS. It's called “Mobile accessible games (for the Blind)” and here is the link: Aaron is here to tell us about the Facebook group, and a little about his life.   Have you upgraded to IOS 16 yet? Well, Jan and Stuart have, and Óran thinks he might wait a little longer because neither of the guys are very impressed with this latest update. It appears that Eloquence on IOS is not that great and Jan is not fond of the new Siri sound. What do you think? Give us your views by emailing [email protected].   Talking about emails, Clodagh has a lovely long one from Mr Dave Nason. It is very welcome as Dave sheds some light on Sky Go on Apple TV and also Sky Glass.   Clodagh wants to get in touch with King Charles the third; apparently, he has a problem with his fountain pen and Clodagh has a solution for him.   So, strip off your military clothing, put the gun carriage in the spare bedroom, tell your horse to go to bed, and settle in for the show that puts the greatest showman in his place - the number one podcast in the eastern hemisphere - Blind Guys Chat. 16 out of 51 corgis prefer it to chopped liver.   Don’t forget: •       Please rate and review us on your chosen podcasting platform. •       We'd love to know what you'd like us to talk about in upcoming shows; send us your suggestions by email: [email protected] •       Don't forget you can send us your Blindie Tips and other thoughts by email also on [email protected] •       If you’d like to support the podcast, you can treat the Blind Guys to a coffee by clicking the link below.

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