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#052: He's got Betty Davis eyes

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Episode notes

Did you know you only have a few days left to cast your vote for Blind Guys Chat as the listeners choice for “best podcast of the year”? You’ve got until 11:59pm on Sunday 11th September! Here’s how to vote for us (they don’t make it easy):

1.     Make yourself a cuppa or a stiff drink 2.     Go to 3.     Search for Blind Guys Chat, and select it 4.     Enter your name and email address 5.     Tick the “I’m not a robot” thing, and the “I understand that Podcast Awards Ltd stores my information” thing too 6.     Then hit submit. No, you’re not finished yet! 7.     You’ll need to click the link in the email verification they send to your email – otherwise your vote won’t count - sheesh!

There’s only one vote per email address, so use all your addresses and please send this on to all your lovers – that’s the only way we’ll have a hope in hell of winning this thing! Each time you vote, 3 treats go to both Larry and Sjef; so you’re not just voting for BGC, but you are also keeping our 2 guide dogs alive. Thank you!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program: On this week’s show, Stuart sees the podcast in a new light, because he has just got his new eyes. Yes, you heard us right, he got new eyes! It’s been 25 years since Stuart got his last set of prosthetic eyes, so he was overdue to go to the eye shop and organise some new ones. He tells us all about it and Jan and Óran have some great ideas for what he can do with the old ones.

Jan and family have recovered from COVID again, but who is to blame? Was it Sjef?

Ever wanted to try an escape room? Well, our guest this week is Matt Ater from Vispero, and he is here to tell us all about the Vispero escape room. Do you have what it takes to land a plane in less than an hour or find your way out of a casino?

In TV Corner, we are talking about ‘Capture’ on the BBC, and ‘Surface’ and ‘Bad Sisters’ on Apple. Also have you seen the ‘Meet the characters’ video for RTÉ’s new drama ‘North Sea Connection’ yet? Check it out here:

Clodagh has emails at last from Gary Hough-like-cough, who has been in hospital with some speaker trouble (-huh?) and the ever-entertaining Patty from the US. God but we love our listeners! 💕

So, strip down to your prosthetics, give your false teeth to the dog, turn up your hearing aid volume to 11, and get ready for the most comprehensive discussion on extraneous nonsense in the world - Blind Guys Chat!

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