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#047: Liverpool 1, Everton nil

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Episode notes

Hello dear listeners. The Blind Guys are flying out of the Blind Guys Chat nest again this week and we are all off to the UK. Jan and Stuart will be selling their wares at Sight village in Birmingham, while Clodagh and Óran are off to the home of The Beatles. What better place to learn about the history of the Fab Four but also go to a gig in the form of ‘The Eagles’. Yay!

Speaking of gigs, did you tune in to Glastonbury? Stuart and Óran are chatting about Paul McCartney and Billie Eilish who were playing on the Pyramid stage. Jan has spent the weekend going from one party to another and there was even a special birthday party for his guide dog Sjef who turned 5 years old. Did he blow out his candles or just eat them?

Don’t come between Stuart and a sandwich, as he tells us about his recent trip coming back from the UK. He dismissed the lovely lady who wanted to bring him to the gate because he wasn’t finished his sambo. He was lucky he wasn’t thrown into the Thames for such insolence.

In TV Corner we start with some great news, the wonderful Veronika Hyks has been asked to audio describe series 5 of ‘The Crown’. The show should be hitting Netflix around November. So maybe it’s a good idea to revisit the series dear listeners and soak in that wonderfully described series featuring Veronika’s dulcet tones. Stuart is recommending a show on Netflix called ‘You Don’t Know Me’ which is audio described but hold on until we get his soapbox as the show tune lover has an axe to grind with Netflix 🙄. Óran is giving a shout out to ‘Suspect’ which is on Channel 4 and also ‘For All Mankind’; ahem, not one of Clodagh’s favourites.

Speaking of Clodagh she has 2 emails this week, one of which is a very special poem written for The Blind Guys by our good friend Otis Stroup.

All this and more from the number 1 podcast this side of the Mersey River.

So, pack up your tent, make your way home from Glastonbury, take a nice hot shower and settle down to have a listen to Blind Guys Chat. It’s better than an English scone.

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