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#050: Time for some revision

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Episode notes

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We have reached episode 50 of Blind Guys Chat and we thought it would be nice to reminisce and play some clips from our archive. However, as they are all brilliant, it looks like we will need to do a part 2 and maybe even a part 3.

So, what to look forward to in this episode? Hmmm…

Do you remember a certain someone promising they would do the ‘Body Coach’ but then he chickened out and felt super-guilty about it? Or how about Jenny Axler telling us she thought about becoming a nun? And how about Prof Luke O’Neill endorsing the Blind Guys as the best practitioners to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, even if it did fall off the back of a truck!

Then there was the time Stuart met Hector in HR for the first time, (put it this way, they are not best friends!); and our fantastic chat with Sabriye Tenberken from Braille without Borders. We couldn’t forget Clodagh’s chat with Jan and Blind Gordon’s partners - Óran hasn’t put down an iron since that one.

And we have so much more on this show. It’s more fun than a 5 year old’s birthday party.

So, fill up the paddling pool with rice krispie treats, stock up on ice cream and chocolate and get ready for the hottest day of the year - Blind Guys Chat publishing day! It’s fruitier than an Italian vineyard.

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